About One Hour For Me

One Hour For Me has been created to give each of us the options we need to live a fuller and more balanced life. We believe and are fully committed to helping you become instrumental to living your life to the absolute maximum.

We hear it all too often “Your health is your wealth” and sadly more often than not this realisation hits us when it’s too late, it may not be the case anymore that we need to slow down but that we actually need to calm down, and this process starts within us.

Our world has changed dramatically over the past few years and we realise that as the walls crumble around us it is exactly this which has been imprisoning us. There may not be the flow of money or material wealth readily available but finding true inner calm which translates into contentment, frees us up to appreciate the true gift that is life.

At One Hour For Me which has a team of professional and experienced Therapists available who are convinced that by making a few simple adjustment to your life can mean you have the same life but that you will live it more wholesomely and full heartedly.

Introducing alternative solutions to everyday challenges

It is unavoidable but to live with the daily hum-drum of the external affecting the balance and contentment of the internal be it stress, anxiety, discontentment, grief, upset, feeling over whelmed, or the need to simply relax and unwind all of which play a huge contributing factor to the breakdown of our immune system leaving us vulnerable to injury on a physically, mentally and emotionally level.

A taste of what we offer

One Hour For Me will endeavour to offer healing and guidance to cover a broad spectrum including Kids corner, Teen Zone, The Young at Heart, Sports performance & optimisation, Parenting, Counselling, Nutrition & Diet, Personal Development.

One Hour For Me will offer a huge variety of 1:1 therapies and group classes from Acupuncture to Reflexology or Aikido therapy to Tai Chi and from Yoga to Pilates. Something for the very young to the very young at heart!

We offer information evenings/events to allow you to inform yourself and your family on the alternative approaches to diet, mental health, and parenting to name but a few.

There will be workshops if you want to create your families own homeopathic first aid kit for example, or if you wish to learn an alternative or holistic therapy for yourself.

Watch our Calendar of events to find out what and when these events take place.