“Give a man a fish & feed him for a day; teach a man to fish & feed him for life”

What is Occupational Stress?

Occupational stress is all too prevalent within the modern work environment today, feelings of worry and anxiety, to long term illness and prescription medication dependency is but a few of the known effects. The impact of Occupational stress on the workplace and productivity through absenteeism or indeed work related accident claims are a preventable symptom of this modern phenomena. One Hour For Me are specialised in facilitating simple and effective changes to the work environment offering a tangible result for the individual, the team and the company.

How it affects us

Work related stress can affect each of us in many different ways from physical issues such as back problems to painful jaws and weakened immune systems; common colds, poor skin to IBS. There are also the emotional effects such as poor appetite, disturbed sleep, even our relationships with collegues, friends and loved ones can suffer. In some cases mental symptoms such as anxiety disorders and depression have a paralysing effect on us as a result. Getting to work; hanging on to work never mind being present at work and enjoying the time in between with family leaves little if any time to dedicate to self care, however imbalance to this one area can have a detrimental impact on everything.

About One Hour For Me

One Hour For Me has an integrative approach to health care and dis-ease. A dedicated panel of experts from Nutrition, Naturopathic & Chinese medicine, to counselling services follow the ethos of simply facilitating the introduction of tools, exercises and knowledge which empower positivity and self confidence. We believe that by introducing a few simply changes to ones daily practice through diet, self awareness and exercise can allow for mental clarity, empowerment and focus in all aspect of one’s life.

Occupational Health facilitation with One Hour For Me

One Hour For Me Corporate Stress Management programs provide an interactive intervention which will contribute in the creation of a positive work environment for both the individual and the team through time management and self awareness.

For further information on any of the above or to explore how One Hour For Me can bring productivity and balance to your workplace contact One Hour For Me by call 01 835 3653 or email info@onehourforme.ie and request a call-back