Kids Corner

As parents we all want the absolute best for our children and offer them all the tools they need to flourish in all they do & wish to achieve in their life. At One Hour For Me this process starts from pre- pregnancy along the age ranges up to young adult and beyond.

We will endeavour to offer you the parent and your child guidance and assistance in a gentle, safe and with a bit of fun facilitating these through tailor made Parenting classes & kid’s classes such as Yoga etc Additionally we will be offering many information events ranging from Nutritional education to day courses on the different stages of childhood, we’ll even offer Homeopathic Family first aid courses.

It’s not always easy to know or do the right thing, but as it takes a community to raise a child perhaps together we can open up our Childs world even more and help make it bigger, better and a lot of fun as we go.

Recommended Therapies

Reflexology, Acupuncture, Play Therapy

Recommended Classes/Workshops

Baby Massage, Kids Yoga


For Further information on dedicated classes or events watch our calendar of events. You can also email or call 01 835 3653