About Dr. Catherine Long

I am a fully qualified counselling psychologist, and a registered psychologist. I hold registered membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland. I have over five years’ experience working in mental health settings, using both conventional and alternative approaches to mental health and wellness. I have worked with all age groups from young children to older adults. I completed an honours degree in Psychology with University College Cork, as well as a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology with Trinity College Dublin. In the course of completing this Doctorate, I worked in a range of settings including child and adolescent services, primary care and adult mental health services.

I provide assessment and psychotherapy services tailored to the needs of the individual client. I am trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion focussed therapy, psychodynamics and person centred therapy, and work with each individual client to decide on the best approach. With children and adolescents, I provide initial assessment, and behavioural/therapeutic intervention to help with developmental, behavioural and mental health problems. I also do assessments for dyslexia for both adults and children.

As well as dealing with mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders, to name a few, I have an interest in optimal mental wellness, and positive psychology. I have a particular interest in mindfulness and both teach classes on mindfulness, and use mindful practices in my one to one work with clients. Arising from this interest, I work not only with people who feel they have mental health difficulties, but also those who feel they are doing okay, but not getting the best out of life. I work with people to identify blocks to achieving personal goals.

I have a particular interest in improving the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic and psychological work. I have completed award winning research on factors which impact on effectiveness, looking particularly at the roles of supportive and change oriented processes. Through this research I have developed a greater understanding of the factors which contribute to success in therapeutic work, and bring this knowledge to bear in my work with my clients.

To book a consultation with Dr. Catherine Long call One Hour For Me on 01 835 3653 or email info@onehourforme.ie