About Colin Starrett

Following on from his degree from the University of Ulster and racing as an international  level cyclist, Colin travelled extensively and lived in Estonia and China for a number of years, especially learning Chinese and much about Chinese culture. Life in China and the experience of Chinese Medicine led to him studying acupuncture and achieving grades of the highest levels in BeijingDublin and Nanjing and carrying out clinical internships following eminent doctors in very well regarded hospitals for a number of months in China.

After graduating he set up The Morning Star Clinic for Acupuncture Dublin and Meath with the intent of providing heartful healing to all that wish to receive it.

He has also been studying the syllabus of The Jade Sun School, which seeks to help students connect with and understand the essence of their humanity, since 2006 and at the Institute of Phytobiophysics since 2012.

Ideals for Treatment

The origins of Chinese Medicine were wholly intuitive. Taoist sages had engaged with practices that allowed them to live in connection with the deepest parts of themselves and to use that depth to help treat the ill. This meant that they could affect the deepest parts of their patients, touching upon and helping overcome the effects of the cause of illness at the most profound levels.

The spiritual achievements of these sages stand to us all as an example of what we can achieve if our intent and energy are used to explore and understand our inner selves and the purpose of life. We can learn to change from using our energy in an attempt to find meaning in the outside world, to understanding that only when we discover the beauty that exists in the depth of our hearts and habitually express this into the outside world can we truly interact in harmony.

The purpose of study at The Jade Sun School is to learn to make this change and become anchored in this beauty, expressing it in our every act. Thus, our intent is to bring our knowledge of Chinese Medicine theory and the extent that we can be informed by this inner beauty together in our treatments, in a joining of the mind and the heart, expressed through the body. This synergy of mind and heart is known as Morning Star Consciousness.

Why Phytobiophysics?

Illness doesn't manifest suddenly and for no reason, rather it is the cumulative result of problems with one or all of our constitution, the environment we live in and how we react to the experiences that life has brought to us.

We all suffer traumas during our lives, at physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual levels. Often we have never been taught how to deal with these and have no other choice but to bury them where we don't feel their effects. This results in them lingering in our being and, over time, affecting our health and possibly leading to illness.  

Phytobiophysics can release the lingering effects of traumas, helping us achieve a return to healthy energy flow. We find that it is a perfect companion to acupuncture treatment, with both Phytobiophysics and acupuncture helping to restore harmony at all levels, with phytobiophysics also specifically targeting the nature of trauma that has caused illness.


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