About Joanne Gribbon

Joanne Gribbin is a qualified Nutritional Therapist through Functional Medicine, a member of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI) and founder of LifeForce Nutrition. After working in the Financial services industry for many years Joanne wanted to change the direction of her life and career. She returned to college in September 2008 to study Nutritional Therapy with the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin, and graduated in March 2012. Having suffered from digestive problems herself, Joanne was overwhelmed the therapeutic properties of whole foods and the immeasurable benefits of having a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Joanne is currently training as Health and Wellness Coach through Michael Arloski’s Real Balance Global Wellness Services. Health and Wellness Coaching empowers people to effectively make lifestyle changes and self-determined goals relating to their own health and wellness. Joanne intends to incorporate this coaching into her Nutritional Therapy clinics to help her clients achieve their goals and improve their health and wellbeing. Joanne believes that by implementing small achievable steps, we all can improve the quality of our lives for long-term health and wellness. Taking control of one’s own health is becoming more and more essential in today’s society. The onset of Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic disorders is becoming more prevalent and are increasingly being linked to individual’s lifestyle and dietary choices.

By incorporating functional medicine into Nutritional Therapy, Joanne treats every client as an individual and focuses on their requirements at a cellular level; promoting health from the inside out. Joanne strives for excellence and is committed to helping clients return to optimum health. Nutritional therapy can help a wide array of health issues, ranging from digestive problems, weight loss and stress management to improving children’s health and nutrition, PMS problems and improving fertility.

Nutritional Therapy with Joanne Gribbon

Nutritional Therapy is a science based therapy which utilises many different tools to establish the underlying reason for an individual’s ill-health, instead of treating the symptoms of a health problem. Nutritional Therapy focuses on an individual’s health at a cellular level and treats them from the inside out using dietary and lifestyle changes, and supplements where necessary to give the body, frequently a much needed, nutrient boost.

Do you ever feel sluggish and lethargic? Does your brain feel foggy and slow? Have you become complacent and assume this is how you’re supposed to feel? Many people live with health problems for many years without realising how bad they feel until they make the decision to help themselves return to heath.

Digestive problems are a very common cause of low energy and fatigue. We all lead very busy lives, eat on the run, and don’t take time to make healthy food choices. An accumulation of these seemingly benign decisions can lead to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients, which may result in low energy.

Nutritional therapy does not employ a “one size fits all” approach. Everyone has a different history, and different circumstances in their lives which have led them to their current health status, and what works incredibly well for one individual, may not work so well for the next. By incorporating health and wellness coaching into my nutritional therapy clinics, I work with the client to establish their own goals and together we create an achievable step by step plan, to help the client achieve their overall goal, whether its weight loss, increase energy, improve digestive problems and food intolerances or balancing hormones.

What can you expect in a Nutritional Therapy consultation with Joanne Gribbon?

Upon booking an appointment with me a nutritional therapy questionnaire is sent out and completed by the client. This questionnaire will be reviewed by me prior to the appointment. During the initial consultation, which takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes, detailed questions are asked regarding diet, lifestyle, past illness, medical history etc to gain a complete picture of the clients health. This information will assist me in formulising a personalised protocol for the client to follow, and together we set goals and milestones for the client to achieve for their follow up appointment.

Follow up consultations occur approximately 3-4 weeks after the initial consultations, sometimes there may be phone calls and emails in between appointments. Depending on the individuals’ situation or health concern, more follow up appointments may be required. Chronic / long term conditions would usually require more than one follow up.

Nutritional Therapy Packages by Joanne Gribbon

3 Steps to Health

The 3 Steps to Health programme involves review of the questionnaire filled out by the client, the initial consultation, and follow up consultation. This package is suitable for people who are suffering from digestive issues such as IBS, or possible food intolerances; those low in energy; unbalanced hormones or individuals who would simply like to improve their daily lives by improving diet and lifestyle habits. I believe that maintaining contact with the client is essential for compliance and to achieve the best possible outcomes, so phone and email contact is included in this programme. Sometimes more than one follow up may be required, depending on what the client’s health complaint is.

Long Term Health Programme

The Long Term Health Programme involves the above main steps, review of questionnaire, and initial consultation, however more follow up consultations will be required for this programme, as this package is more suitable for more chronic health complaints, and therefore will require a longer period of time to heal. For chronic health issues, it is important to re-evaluate any protocols initially set out, as the client focus may change, or other issues may arise that require more focus. A person suffering from an IBD, chronic fatigue, long term weight gain, or fertility issues would benefit from this programme.

Group Talks

I am available to do group talks, ranging from 2 -3 people to groups of 30 or more on topics such as Healthy Living or Children’s Health. No group is too big or too small, and all topics are relevant!


To book a consultation with Joanne Gribbon call One Hour For Me on 01 835 3653 or email info@onehourforme.ie