About Kathleen Moore Avila

Kathleen Moore Avila MIACP graduated with a BSC (HONS) in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the university of Middlesex and is an accredited member of the Irish Association of counselling and psychotherapy. Kathleen also works part-time at Console Suicide Bereavement services and is an affiliate counsellor for Towards Healing.Kathleen worked at Pieta House previous to that and has extensive experience working with Self harm, Adolescents, grief and in particular suicide bereavement.

Kathleen works in an eclectic way but the core of the work is a Person Centred Approach with her clients bringing together elements from the different schools of therapy when required. Kathleen finds that given the fact that one individual may be more visual and another more tactile that including various expressive capacities for example art, music or poetry means she can enhance each person’s abilities to communicate effectively and authentically. She has found that this way of working is a particularly gentle way of working with teenagers and has had great success with this group.

Coming to see a stranger for the first time to express ones difficulties can be very daunting. Kathleen’s presence is very warm and she expresses that she finds it a great privilege to be allowed into any client’s world. Her intention always is to develop a relationship with her clients that is compassionate, respectful and honest so that they feel seen, accepted and understood.

To book a therapy session with Kathleen call One Hour For Me on 01 835 3653 or email info@onehourforme.ie