The Importance of “Brain Breaks” while working from home!

Juggling…..Yes, that’s right juggle! like actual juggling with small soft balls/bean bags. This is a brilliant exercise to use as a “Brain break”. At the moment many of us are expressing feeling exhaustion because the virtual office seems more intense and mentally fatiguing. Taking short breaks to reengage the brain and increase blood [...]

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The Big 5

OK So, I’ve told you I’ve been doing some self-development during the lockdown. One course I’m doing right now is a psychology course of the 5 main personality types (O.C.E.A.N.). I’ve a few practical reasons for doing this but actually it’s a fascinating way to gain further insights into understanding myself. Part of [...]

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Today’s Magic

The best thing I spent my time doing during the lock-down was a bit of self-development! Try journaling “the miracles of today” ......gratitude. Set yourself a goal, something as simple as “how can I improve upon myself from yesterday” to start! Listen to “Baroque” music, classics, the 60 beats stimulates the alpha waves [...]

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Anxiety Disorder/ Social Anxiety

Have you ever pulled out of a family or social gathering because you feel you’ll be too uncomfortable dealing with different conversations and questions about how you are and what’s going on in your life? Have you found yourself in a situation where having no alternative but to attend makes you feel so [...]

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Relationship & Couples counselling

Many of us easy through the ebbs and flow of our relationship naturally however if a strain arises and we begin to feel unheard, frustrated or the communication breaks down then if left unaddressed it can erode and unravel, sometimes with devastating impact for everyone. Many see relationship counselling as an admission of [...]

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