Postnatal grief counselling

Becoming a parent is considered one of life’s joyful experiences but It is not uncommon for many of us to experience feelings of being over whelmed along with exhaustion which can have a profound affect during the first weeks of becoming a new parent.

If, however these feelings deepen and become prolonged then it may have progressed into the more serious condition of post-natal depression. The natural process of hormonal rebalance and body recovery after birth have a striking difference to that of postnatal depression which may present with many symptoms but can be written off as expected “baby blues”; feelings such as being unable to cope, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of hostility and apathy to your baby are just some of the many examples. Seeking the assistance of a trained professional to help explore and overcome this can be deeply beneficial for you and your new family’s wellbeing.

Areas which would also benefit from postnatal counselling are that of traumatic birthing, grief/loss, or separation anxiety.

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