Juggling…..Yes, that’s right juggle! like actual juggling with small soft balls/bean bags. This is a brilliant exercise to use as a “Brain break”. At the moment many of us are expressing feeling exhaustion because the virtual office seems more intense and mentally fatiguing.

Taking short breaks to reengage the brain and increase blood flow which promotes alertness and efficiency, and there’s the added bonus of actually growing your brain, stepping out to step back in and showing up more alert and on point!
An Oxford university study demonstrated that those who juggle had lager brains or brain capacity, and that applies to everyone no matter how good or in my case how bad you are at it.

Recently I did a course on improving brain function/memory etc and 1 recommendation was to take regular brain breaks. We lose focus and our attention span diminishes after about 20-25 minutes, taking a brain break doesn’t have to be a long walk but a short burst and practicing to juggle is perfect for this, it’s fun and silly and really changes things up, so you feel like you’re really refreshed and ready to rock again.