Occupational stress management

One Hour For Me occupational Stress Management programmes provide purposeful micro practice and self-care which promote awareness and the understanding of patterns of the mind, including the range of feelings that might be present.

By doing so we open up choices regarding how best to take care of ourselves and enhancing the struggle of our work/life balance and routine.

Virtual office & strife

“Consider creating an environment that allows for a balance between work & personal life”; this is a tip that regularly pops up in recommendations for work-related stress management but how achievable is this with Covid19 and our new work environments.
The question is how can you cultivate a healthy if even somewhat so work/life balance in the current world of “virtual & home office” environments?
Consider the reintroduction & reinforcement of “Work Rituals”; Yes, that’s right the work rituals we’d all taken for granted, that seriously boost mood, reduce stress & positively affect staff productivity! The water cooler, shooting the breeze or the morning coffee chatter we’d all moan about but actually really miss……

One ritual that is rarely consider is the neglected benefits of the commute home. That short trip downstairs or across the hall at home don’t really cut it or compensate for the debrief we all do in our heads on our commute home putting distance between our professional and private lives. Try encouraging your team to take a “Personal Pause” before they re-enter their private life, their home life.
Something as simple as a 10-15minute guided meditation or Yoga sequence can hugely impact the psychology of the working day being over & giving the sense of letting go for the evening.

If you’re interested in introducing supports for your team and seek further information on any of the above or wish to explore how One Hour For Me can bring productivity and balance to your workplace contact One Hour For Me by calling  +353(01) 835 3653 or emailing info@onehourforme.ie and request a call-back

Check out some sessions we’ve created for just that reason below

Morning Coffee Brain Break

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Useful courses

Kick start your weekend with this 8-week Friday morning Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme (link to facebook event).