Hatha Yoga

The hatha yoga class involves a centring for the first few minutes to allow the mind and body to relax. Followed by a flowing sequence to increase energy and heat in the body. Then pairing stronger asana with slower restorative movements to encourage the expansion and relaxation of the muscles, all the while focusing on the breath to achieve lengthening of the muscles and to allow entry into deeper yoga positions, such as the warrior sequence, bringing a sense of calmness and stillness to the body and mind. In the class I encourage anyone with restrictions or limitations to use alternative movements or props to help achieve these poses. Ending the class with a five to seven minute relaxation to allow the body to recover and completely relax, instilling a level of inner serenity into each mind and body.

Fee €50 for a 4 week block of hatha yoga.

Classes must be booked with relevant fee paid in advance to secure a place unless otherwise stated. A security deposit refund (less a 5% administration fee) will only be issued where 48 hour’s notice via email has been given. To register for this class call One Hour For Me on 01 835 3653 or email