Hands up those who suffer regular sinus infection can relate to these nasty nasty symptoms? Congested, pressure and swelling around the eyes, headache, sensitivity to light, nasal drip, even sore teeth and jaws to name but a few and if left untreated it can develop further and cause chest infection too.

Acupuncture can successfully alleviate inflammation and treat these symptoms, helping to avoid a double dose of antibiotics or chronic and regular occurrences especially when early intervention is sought. Acupuncture treatment is a painless eastern medicine despite there being needles involved which many fear hurts but it’s really more of a gentle pinch as the needles are applied. And your therapist will make sure you are relaxed and comfortable through out your session which normally lasts 60 minutes.

If you suffer regular sinus infection and would like to explore its treatment through acupuncture then email us here at One Hour For Me on info@onehourforme.ie and will be in touch soon!