OK So, I’ve told you I’ve been doing some self-development during the lockdown. One course I’m doing right now is a psychology course of the 5 main personality types (O.C.E.A.N.). I’ve a few practical reasons for doing this but actually it’s a fascinating way to gain further insights into understanding myself. Part of the course is the completion of the standard “Big FIVE” test which is a questionnaire on the 5 main personality traits and how they present in my unique personality.

The test itself is straightforward, you can’t really fudge the answers if you want it to be any way accurate. The analysis however is very in-dept and educational! I’m still reviewing each of the sections and their findings and it’s fascinating.

One of the areas covered is “Neuroticism”…yikes….. right, it’s not exactly a word many of us want associated with us however like all trails and emotions you need a healthy and balanced amount to be able to operate and function normally within society and the different life situations we come across!  I was surprised to see I scored very low in this percentile, the results are presented in a “out of a 100 people in a room there are 13 people less neurotic than you and 86 more neurotic then you”. Thing is generally speaking women tend to be higher in this trait, like on average 60% or more also believed to have a biological aspect to it (generally speaking). Anyhow on the plus side, scoring low in this trait for me suggests I am not challenged greatly by change or adverse to risk when coupled with a particular blend of other trait analysis of me and this is not an untrue reflection of me. This is insightful for me and highlights again the amazing phenomenon of how the brain is unique in that it uses itself to understand itself! Have you ever checked out your “BIG 5” ?